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Integrated Personalized Professional Development

Make your teacher evaluations even more effective and meaningful with professional development integrated into EvaluWise that is targeted to the areas you identify as needing improvement based on your evaluation data.

High Quality, Skill-Based Professional Development
Improve Instruction While Saving Time and Costs
Convienent Online PD That Is Available On Your Teacher's Schedule
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EvaluWise® Named a
Top Productivity App by
Scholastic Administrator Magazine

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Making Teacher Evaluation
Manageable and Effective

Works With Any Evaluation Rubric or Criteria

“It simplifies the process because notes are timed stamped and organized automatically.”

“Very intuitive!”

“I like the ease of use on my iPad.”


Teacher Evaluation Web-Based
Service and Mobile App

Accessible through mobile devices and computers, information is stored securely in the cloud. Making your teacher evaluation data available when you need it most.


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Let EvaluWise® Simplify Your Teacher Evaluation Process

EvaluWise® is the single most effective digital tool for streamlining and improving the teacher evaluation process, regardless of the evaluation model you are using. This tool makes data entry as simple and easy as possible. Built from the ground up by administrators and teachers who understand the real-world demands of educators, EvaluWise® improves the accuracy, usefulness and effectiveness of both formal and informal teacher evaluations as well as classroom walkthroughs. 

Stack of evaluation binders dated 2008 - 2013, beside a laptop showing the EvaluWise evaluations tab. Representing reducing complexityReduce Complexity

  • Organizes and Simplifies your Observation Evidence
  • Aligns Evidence to Framework/Rubric
  • Populates Evidence into Multiple Reports
  • Provides Data for Targeted Professional Development

tablet computer showing the EvaluWise scripting sectionSave Time

  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime Through Cloud Based Services
  • Manages Record-keeping for You
  • Supports Customized Teacher Evaluation Frameworks
  • Drastically Reduces Paperwork

Tablet computer showing 3D bar graphs representing reports that will assist with compliance.Assure Compliance

  • Manages Your Teacher Evaluation Calendar
  • Provides Data Documentation
  • Helps You Comply With State and District Requirements
  • Provides the Opportunity for Targeted Feedback

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